Ceremonies and Activities

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Day 1 (Sat. in early Oct):

* Opening Ceremony and Keynote Address

* Healing ceremonies... for individuals, community, nation, and world (including Mother Earth)

* Bridging and connecting ceremonies... religions, cultures, races, enemies

* Drumming, dancing, singing, and story-telling... inviting the sick, poor, rejected, and hated

* Childrens' games and activities... especially for the adults

* Fire circles... connecting with each other, Mother Earth, and universal soul

* Prayer circles... for everything else

* Banquet of bread, water, and silence


Some specific possibilities:

- A ceremony at the Olbrich Garden Thai Pavillion... led by the benefactors (UW Thai Alumni) plus local Buddhist organizations... demonstrating their rich cultural and spiritual heritage

- Circle dances (e.g. Sufi, folk, etc) on the Great Round Lawn at Olbrich Gardens... led by local Sufi and folk dance groups

- Native American dance demonstrations... led by people of the HoChunk nation that once exclusively inhabited this region

- Healing our personal and family wounds of abuse, abandonment, and betrayal... led by shamanic and spiritual healers

- Healing of the local land and spirits wounded by white settlers... at the remains of a 550 foot bird effigy mound (on top of Olbrich sledding hill)... led by both native and immigrant Americans

- Paying tribute to the ancestors and animals who made our abundance possible... at the totem pole and effigy mounds on Lakeland (Two blocks west of the sledding hill)

- Planting a Tree of Peace... emulating the Native American symbol of Divine Law

- Healing of wounded lake waters... in the water

- Canoeing up once filthy Starkweather Creek... to see the miraculous results of a volunteer community with a shared vision

- Touring the Sid Boyum Sculpture Project... to see another amazing outcome of a community shared vision

- A massive ecumenical ceremony... led by leaders from all local religions and spiritual organizations... demonstrating unity, diversity, respect, and love

- Bring in a few well-known individuals to lead some of the above activities, e.g...
  Brooke Medicine Eagle - Native American wisdom teacher and visionary
  James Twyman - Emissary of Light, Peace Troubadour, Beloved Community
  Marshall Rosenburg - Center for Non-Violent Communication (UW grad)
  Matthew Fox - Creation Spirituality (Madison native)
  Marianne Williamson - Spiritual teacher, Dept. of Peace champion
  Mike Leckrone - UW Bands' legendary director
  Barry Alvarez - UW Football legendary coach
  Dave Cieslewicz - Madison Mayor
  Kathleen Falk - Dane County Executive
  Jim Doyle - Governor
  Tammy Baldwin - U.S. Congresswoman
  Herb Kohl - U.S. Senator
  Russ Feingold - U.S. Senator




Day 2: Sunrise to Sunset Pilgrimage... Olbrich to Picnic Point

This pilgrimage across Madison will weave sacred and silly into a healing and building of community... for diverse and polarized energies. It will be highly participatory, spontaneous, and intuitively guided... drawing out the child-like wonder, awe, and glee hidden in all of us. It will plant seeds for the future and shine light to all... i.e. being the change we wish to see.

Click here for Preliminary Plan





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