Keynote Address
"Are You Ready, Madison?"


We have a huge opportunity, Madison...
to heal ourselves
to heal our nation
to heal our world

We have an opportunity
to lead by example
to be a bright light
to be a great star


We have an opportunity
to raise ourselves up
transcending self-defeating poisons
like blame, hate, avoidance, and righteousness

We have an opportunity
to launch a national and global dream
a dream of all dreams
a dream of all time

"What dream?" you say?
A dream of real freedom
A dream of real empowerment
A dream of real love

What does this mean?
How can it be?
Can it be true?
What do we do?

We have the power
to walk a new path
explore new worlds
the worlds deep within

Many have started
and found great clues
But no city has yet united
to inspire the world through

Is Madison capable
of such a daunting task?
Do we have the courage
to strip off the masks?

Examine the exhibits
Experience the dance
Feel the ceremonies
Dare to take a chance

Search deep inside you
Pray to your God
"Is this truly possible?"
"Can Madison lead this job?"

"Am I really ready
to serve in this way?"
"Is this what's needed
to heal our world today?"


If your answer is YES
then prepare for big work
It won't be easy
It won't let you shirk

But it will be fulfilling
in breathtaking ways
The chance of a lifetime
This is the day



Madison: Author of the Constitution
in Olbrich Park: A very sacred place
by Lake Monona: "Lake of the Morning"
in Wisconsin: "Gathering of the Waters"
at the dawn of
The Age of Aquarius




"The One"
Earth Echo Galleries










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