Mystic Gardens and Learning Center




This is where dreams, people, and planet can REALLY grow...

We see the property north of Olbrich Gardens
(owned by the gardens)
as an ideal experiment in weaving
gardens, learning, stewarding, and co-creating.

We see experiments in:
Energy gardening
Alternative structures
Reclaimed wetlands
Revitalized streams
Sustainable energy
Cooperative living
Healthy cooking
Gifted youth projects
Wise elder mentoring
Light rail experimenting
Inspiring dreams








We see an inspiring structure aligned with the gardens view corridor
that weaves beauty, awe, and focus
with functional use and experimental structure

The interior will optimize acoustics in a domed shape
The exterior will provide a grand view from it and of it.
The design and construction will be a community co-creation.




























"Dome Mountain" Starwheel by Aya


















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