Sunrise to Sunset Pilgrimage
Olbrich to Picnic Point


This pilgrimage across Madison will weave sacred and silly
into a healing and building of community...
for diverse and polarized energies.
It will be highly participatory, spontaneous, and intuitively guided...
drawing out the childlike wonder, awe, and glee hidden in all of us.
It will plant seeds for the future and shine light to all...
i.e. being the change we wish to see.

Preliminary plan:
1. Sunrise ceremonies on the shores of Lake Monona ("Lake of the Morning") at Olbrich Park: e.g. yoga sun salutations, tribute to the elements, shared song and chants, voicing intentions

2. Meditation and healing ceremonies at effigy mounds and totem pole ("Let the Great Spirits Soar"): e.g. shamanic drum circle, calling the four directions, prayers for healing (people, land, and world)

3. Meet Sid Boyum's "Polar Bear" at Circle Park... an example of a neighborhood working together for common good

4. Interpretation of wall mural at Marquette school... and its significance today

5. Learn about earth-friendly architecture at cob structure wall (Willy St Coop)

6. Visit perhaps the most successful food co-op in the nation (Willy St Coop)... and meet its champions

7. Visit perhaps the most successful neighborhood center (Wil-Mar) in Madison... and its neighborhood mural

8. Grieve and transmute the unhealed wounds from the Native American conflicts... at Black Hawk War memorial plaque

9. Honor the last work of Frank Lloyd Wright (Monona Terrace) and heal its wounds (some say its foundation is sinking due to rushed construction)... e.g. tour the building and gardens, learn its story (movie), discuss what's needed... and appreciate its beauty

10. Pay tribute to African America's great dreamer and doer... at the Martin Luther King memorial

11. Visit the new Dane County Courthouse... to understand why this building was allowed to block the view that most distinguished this city... and what is needed to heal this wound

12. Process to the capitol... for a clockwise and counterclockwise procession AROUND the capitol square... balancing male and female, yin and yang, head and heart

13. Rejoin male and female to process up the MLK entrance to the capitol... saluting "Miss Wisconsin" and honoring the statuary grouping "Faith"... greeted by trumpet fanfare from all four capitol balconies

14. Break for lunch on the lawn... with music by Madison Chamber Orchestra and other local musicians

15. Enter the capitol... to co-create a mystical experience of sacred sound... including drums, chant, instrumental, and dance... calling and responding to each other from the four wings. Optional: trumpets or chanters on the upper balconies; light-wheel meditation, a rising earth ceremony (e.g. helium-filled), ringing liberty bell

16. Visit the Overture Center... to understand what is needed to heal the polarizations created by this project

17. Visit the Children's Museum... to remind us what's important

18. Stop at Library Mall.. to appreciate its beauty... and acknowledge the vast opportunities and gifts we are immersed in (and to play in the fountain)

19. Pay tribute to Abe Lincoln (at statue)... whose wisdom and courage made vast impact on this nation

20. Pay tribute to John Muir (at Muir Woods)... the UW grad who most influenced our environmental stewardship

21. Absorb the musical magic of Carillon Tower (playing)

22. Visit selected memorial plaques of UW researchers who made great contributions to humanity (e.g. Vit D, penicillin, social security, etc.)

23. Pause to smell the flowers and savor the colors of UW botanical gardens

24. Walk silently, slowly, and consciously along Lake Mendota... appreciating fully the many blessings of our city, lakes, paths, and passion

25. Swim in the waters of healing and "baptism"... to catalyze our new birth

26. Share food, song, and fire on Picnic Point... as Father Sun sets over the "Lake of the Evening" *

* Lake Mendota has many names... depending on the source





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