Madison Rainbow Dreams



Can you imagine...

a breathtaking enhancement to Olbrich Gardens...
to commemorate and inspire the power of a shared vision
by a loving and motivated community
(i.e. Madison).

We see Atwood Ave. enclosed in a beautiful arch...
to eliminate noise and movement distraction.
Then, extend the existing view corridor from the sunken gardens to the lake,
partially within an extended (and lowered) gardens fence,
partially in the open fields near the lake.
Build choreographed fountains (lights, movement, music),
sculptures, and ceremonial areas (and/or childrens' water play)...
to create a magnificent focus for this already magnificent city, park, and gardens.

The design, funding, and labor could be totally donation...
or shared with the city.



If Madison can do this... it may be ready to launch a really big dream:





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