Launch Event:

Fall 2006
Olbrich Park
Between the gardens and the lake



Inspire and unite
diverse people and organizations
toward healing and growing
of self, community,
and world

...preparing for



An annual outdoor event and pilgrimage
plus experimental centers in healing and growing
weaving silly and sacred
on a foundation of faith, hope, and love



Love for others
Love for planet
Love for self

Willingness to change





Dream Potentials:
Magic Madison Pilgrimage:
  Weaving silly and sacred...
  in a sunrise to sunset journey
American Freedom Pilgrimage:
  Seven day journey of transmutation...
   to America's birthplaces
Rainbow Dreams:
  A community dreamweaver...
  shining light for all
Mystic Gardens:
  An experimental center...
  in living, learning, and nurturing
Seeding Heaven on Earth:
  A REALLY big experiment...
  if Madison is ready










Being the change we wish to see









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